Primary Sources


unknown Didache
Clement of Rome 1 Clement
unknown 2 Clement
Ignatius of Antioch Letter to the Ephesians
Ignatius of Antioch Letter to the Magnesians
Ignatius of Antioch Letter to the Trallians
Ignatius of Antioch Letter to the Romans
Ignatius of Antioch Letter to the Philadelphians
Ignatius of Antioch Letter to the Smyrnaeans
Ignatius of Antioch Letter to Polycarp
Polycarp Letter to the Philippians
unknown Martyrdom of Polycarp
Papias Exposition on the Sayings of the Lord
unknown Epistle of Barnabas
Hermas The Shepherd
Aristides Apology
unknown Epistle to Diognetus
Justin Martyr 1 Apology
Justin Martyr 2 Apology
Justin Martyr Dialogue with Trypho
Justin Martyr On the Resurrection
unknown Martyrdom of Justin
Tatian Address to the Greeks
Tatian Diatessaron
Melito of Sardis Homily on the Passover
Athenagoras On the Resurrection of the Dead
Athenagoras A Plea for the Christians
Theophilus of Antioch To Autolycus, First Letter
Theophilus of Antioch To Autolycus, Second Letter
Theophilus of Antioch To Autolycus, Third Letter
Clement of Alexandria Exhortation to the Greeks (“Heathen”)
Clement of Alexandria The Instructor
Clement of Alexandria The Miscellanies (Stromata)
Clement of Alexandria Who is the Rich Man That Shall be Saved?
unknown Sibyllene Oracles, Book VI
unknown Odes of Solomon
unknown Infancy Gospel of Thomas
unknown Gospel of Thomas
unknown Gospel of Truth
unknown Gospel of Philip
unknown Clementine Homilies
unknown Acts of Paul and Thecla
unknown Acts of Thomas
unknown Acts of Peter
unknown Epistula Apostolorum
unknown Protevangelion of James (a.k.a. Protoevangelium)
unknown (Possibly Irenaeus of Lyons) Martyrs of Lyons and Viennes
unknown Passion of the Scillitan Martyrs
Irenaeus of Lyons Against Heresies
Irenaeus of Lyons Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching
Tertullian Prescription Against the Heretics
Tertullian Apology

Vibia Perpetua

Against Praxeas

The Diary of Perpetua

Hippolytus Against Noetus
Hippolytus Refutation of All Heresies
Origen On First Principles
Origen Against Celsus
Novatian On the Trinity
Novatian Letters to Cyprian
Cyprian of Carthage Letters
Cyprian of Carthage On the Unity of the Church
unknown Against Novatian
unknown On Rebaptism
Dionysius of Rome Against Sabellius (Against the Sabellians)
Dionysius of Alexandria Letter to Dionysius of Rome (scroll to #IV)
Eusebius of Caesarea Life of Constantine
Alexander of Alexandria Letter to Alexander of Byzantium (324 CE)
Athanasius of Alexandria Life of Antony
Athanasius of Alexandria On the Incarnation of the Word
Athanasius of Alexandria Defense of the Nicene Council (De Decretis)
Athanasius of Alexandria Against the Arians
unknown Apostolic Tradition
unknown Didascalia Apostolorum
unknown Apostolic Constitutions
Pseudo-John the Theologian The Dormition and Assumption of Mary
Ambrose of Milan

Ambrose of Milan

Augustine of Hippo

On the Holy Spirit

On the Mysteries

On Christian Doctrine

Augustine of Hippo On the Trinity
Augustine of Hippo Confessions
Augustine of Hippo On the Spirit and the Letter
Augustine of Hippo On Nature and Grace
Augustine of Hippo On the Proceedings of Pelagius
Augustine of Hippo Enchiridion (Handbook) on Faith, Hope and Love
Augustine of Hippo On Baptism, Against the Donatists
Augustine of Hippo The Correction of the Donatists (Letter 185)
Augustine of Hippo The City of God
Basil of Caesarea On the Holy Spirit
Gregory of Nyssa On Not Three Gods (To Ablabius)
Gregory of Nyssa On the Holy Trinity
Gregory of Nyssa Life of Macrina
Gregory of Nazianzus

Egeria (a.k.a. Etheria)

Cyril of Alexandria

Fifth Theological Oration: On the Holy Spirit

The Diary of Egeria 

On the Unity of Christ

Leo I of Rome

John Cassian

Vincent of Lerins

John of Damascus

Letter in Support of Flavian (the Tome)

On the Incarnation

The Commonitory 

An Exposition of the Orthodox Faith

unknown The (so-called) Donation of Constantine
Anselm of Canterbury

Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi

Catholic/Anglican (& Methodist)

Cur Deus Homo?

The Canticle of the Creatures

The Peace Prayer

Joint Statement on Mary (The Seattle Statement)

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